My Adventure in Tangkuban Parahu

My family and I took a short trip to Tangkuban Parahu. We went there to see the volcano. The volcano is sleeping that’s meant it is not active. So, we can visit there safely. The place is far from my home. It took about three and half hours by car. I saw a tea farm in my way to Tangkuban Parahu. The tea farm is very big and look very green.

When we arrived in Tangkuban Parahu crater, there was a lot of people visited there. Maybe because it was holiday season.  We stop over to one of restaurants  to get our lunch. My mommy ate satay, my daddy prefer ate meat balls  and I ate grilled sausage. The food we ate was very delicious.  After got my lunch then I rode a horse. Mommy and Nadia rode a horse too. I see a park and then we decided to set a picnic and ate my snacks. Nadia and I also played at the park. I enjoy and had a fun with the travel adventure to Tangkuban Parahu crater.



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