Visited My Aunty

When I traveled to Bali, I visited my aunty and my uncle. My aunty’s name is Farida Desi and my uncle is Olivier. They live in Seminyak, Bali. Their house is very close to the beach. I like visited my aunty house because the house is big and has swimming pool. Uncle Olivier has a lot of books collections in the living room. Sometimes my aunty and uncle working at home and sometimes in their office.

Aunty Farida and uncle Olivier have three kittens. I played a lot with the kittens because they are so cutes. I like swim in the swimming pool but the kittens don’t like swim. When I visited aunty Farida, I had a lot of candies. We went to restaurant near my aunty house for having lunch. The food were so yummy.

I like visited my aunty and uncle because I had a lot of fun with them. Someday I will visit them again.



Bali Treetop Adventure Park

I went to Bali Treetop Adventure Park with my family. It is located inside the Bali Botanical Garden.  There are many kids visited there. I played zipline in the forest where there are big and many trees. There  are many  levels of adventures. Every level of adventure has different colours of ziplines. When I visited and played there, it was raining. I played yellow and light  green circuit levels.  It is for kids  4-6 years old.

In the light green circuit there is a zip board. At the trees there are arrows that i have to follow until to the finish line of the circuit. I have to  hook  up the safety ropes to keep me save in the tree. There  is a restaurant in Bail treetop. I ate frenchfries and drank orange juice. I have fun at Bail treetop and I like all the challenge. I like the trees. I played about 2 hours duration. It is so much fun and I want to try again one day.



Visit California

One year ago I visited California, USA with my family. We went three days after Eid Ul Fitri from Peru. We used airplane from Peru transit to El Salvador then to Los Angeles, California. I enjoyed playing at the park, Disneyland, Legoland and National History Museum. I also walked in Hollywood Broadway where so many stars with name of famous people on it.

I played a lot at Legoland and Disneyland. Legoland located in San Diego, California. I went there by train. There’s playground, ride-on toys, show, movie, miniature and waterpark with lego theme. Disneyland located in Anahem. There are two parks, Disney Park and Adventure Park. I met disney characters like Peterpan, Captain Hook, Mickey and Minnie etc.

On Friday I went to masjid in downtown Los Angeles then played at the park and visited museum. National History Museum is huge and complete collection such as animals, science and history. I like that museum.