Fun Science Experiment: Make a fake snow from diapers

We  need  diapers  and  water to make  snow.

Step 1 take  all   cotton  of  the diapers  and   put  them to the can.

Step 2  pour  the  water in to the can.

Step 3 mixed  the water  and cotton from the diapers.

Step 4 pour  the water 4  times.

Step 5 the  snow is  done  and  ready  to play.

Now time to play with the snow.

The fake snow  never melts so you can  play longer.

My sister and I are having  fun playing with the fake snow.

You also can make  it at your home.








Visited My Aunty

When I traveled to Bali, I visited my aunty and my uncle. My aunty’s name is Farida Desi and my uncle is Olivier. They live in Seminyak, Bali. Their house is very close to the beach. I like visited my aunty house because the house is big and has swimming pool. Uncle Olivier has a lot of books collections in the living room. Sometimes my aunty and uncle working at home and sometimes in their office.

Aunty Farida and uncle Olivier have three kittens. I played a lot with the kittens because they are so cutes. I like swim in the swimming pool but the kittens don’t like swim. When I visited aunty Farida, I had a lot of candies. We went to restaurant near my aunty house for having lunch. The food were so yummy.

I like visited my aunty and uncle because I had a lot of fun with them. Someday I will visit them again.