My Adventure in Tangkuban Parahu

My family and I took a short trip to Tangkuban Parahu. We went there to see the volcano. The volcano is sleeping that’s meant it is not active. So, we can visit there safely. The place is far from my home. It took about three and half hours by car. I saw a tea farm in my way to Tangkuban Parahu. The tea farm is very big and look very green.

When we arrived in Tangkuban Parahu crater, there was a lot of people visited there. Maybe because it was holiday season.  We stop over to one of restaurants  to get our lunch. My mommy ate satay, my daddy prefer ate meat balls  and I ate grilled sausage. The food we ate was very delicious.  After got my lunch then I rode a horse. Mommy and Nadia rode a horse too. I see a park and then we decided to set a picnic and ate my snacks. Nadia and I also played at the park. I enjoy and had a fun with the travel adventure to Tangkuban Parahu crater.



Fun Science Experiment: Make a fake snow from diapers

We  need  diapers  and  water to make  snow.

Step 1 take  all   cotton  of  the diapers  and   put  them to the can.

Step 2  pour  the  water in to the can.

Step 3 mixed  the water  and cotton from the diapers.

Step 4 pour  the water 4  times.

Step 5 the  snow is  done  and  ready  to play.

Now time to play with the snow.

The fake snow  never melts so you can  play longer.

My sister and I are having  fun playing with the fake snow.

You also can make  it at your home.








Visited My Aunty

When I traveled to Bali, I visited my aunty and my uncle. My aunty’s name is Farida Desi and my uncle is Olivier. They live in Seminyak, Bali. Their house is very close to the beach. I like visited my aunty house because the house is big and has swimming pool. Uncle Olivier has a lot of books collections in the living room. Sometimes my aunty and uncle working at home and sometimes in their office.

Aunty Farida and uncle Olivier have three kittens. I played a lot with the kittens because they are so cutes. I like swim in the swimming pool but the kittens don’t like swim. When I visited aunty Farida, I had a lot of candies. We went to restaurant near my aunty house for having lunch. The food were so yummy.

I like visited my aunty and uncle because I had a lot of fun with them. Someday I will visit them again.



Bali Treetop Adventure Park

I went to Bali Treetop Adventure Park with my family. It is located inside the Bali Botanical Garden.  There are many kids visited there. I played zipline in the forest where there are big and many trees. There  are many  levels of adventures. Every level of adventure has different colours of ziplines. When I visited and played there, it was raining. I played yellow and light  green circuit levels.  It is for kids  4-6 years old.

In the light green circuit there is a zip board. At the trees there are arrows that i have to follow until to the finish line of the circuit. I have to  hook  up the safety ropes to keep me save in the tree. There  is a restaurant in Bail treetop. I ate frenchfries and drank orange juice. I have fun at Bail treetop and I like all the challenge. I like the trees. I played about 2 hours duration. It is so much fun and I want to try again one day.



Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

On Sunday November 24, 2016 I and my family went to Bali for holiday. We visited many places, one of my favorite is Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. It is located at Padangtegal, Ubud, Bali. It is open daily at 8.30 am-6 pm. The entrance fee is Rp 40.000 for adult and Rp 30.000 for kids under 12 years old. There are some parts of Monkey Forest: open stage, main temple, dragon stair, center point, exhibition hall, holy pool, tree adoption, entrance to holy spring, holy spring temple, wooden path and hundreds of monkey everywhere.

There are guidelines in the entrance gate for safety. Do not feed monkey because they can be sick. Do not look at the monkey’s eyes be because they will be mad. Do  not bring hand bag or the monkey will take it. Do not touch the baby monkey because their parents will be angry. Not smoking in all area of the forest.



Visit California

One year ago I visited California, USA with my family. We went three days after Eid Ul Fitri from Peru. We used airplane from Peru transit to El Salvador then to Los Angeles, California. I enjoyed playing at the park, Disneyland, Legoland and National History Museum. I also walked in Hollywood Broadway where so many stars with name of famous people on it.

I played a lot at Legoland and Disneyland. Legoland located in San Diego, California. I went there by train. There’s playground, ride-on toys, show, movie, miniature and waterpark with lego theme. Disneyland located in Anahem. There are two parks, Disney Park and Adventure Park. I met disney characters like Peterpan, Captain Hook, Mickey and Minnie etc.

On Friday I went to masjid in downtown Los Angeles then played at the park and visited museum. National History Museum is huge and complete collection such as animals, science and history. I like that museum.




Berkunjung ke Rimba Baca

Seminggu sekali aku pergi ke perpustakaan. Nama perpustakaannya Rimba Baca. Tempatnya di jalan RSPP nomor 21B Cilandak Jakarta Selatan. Perpustakaannya seperti rumah. Ada 2 lantai, lantai satu banyak buku untuk anak-anak dari umur nol sampai 12 tahun. Di  lantai satu  juga ada art room. Di ruang itu kita bisa menggambar, mewarnai atau kreasi apa saja. Asyik  kan! Selain itu ada ruang sholat dan menyusui bayi. Ada juga boneka-boneka, jadi aku bisa main puppet show. Di lantai dua buku-buku untuk orang dewasa dan remaja.

Kita bisa meminjam buku paling banyak lima buku untuk satu minggu. Kalau belum selesai boleh diperpanjang seminggu lagi. Untuk memperpanjang bisa lewat telepon. Aku senang membaca buku di sana karena ada banyak buku untuk anak-anak. Selain itu tempatnya aman, nyaman dan bersih. Aku dan adikku senang membaca.